Jak kosztowny jest mandat za przeładowanie autolawety?

How expensive is a fine for overloading a tow truck?

How expensive is a fine for overloading a tow truck? How to legally transport cars using a tow truck? Do you want to get valuable information related to this particular issue? Find out what purpose the tow truck currently has. And they are not very versatile vehicles at all – quite the opposite. Learn about the issues that are controlled… And if you don’t follow the law, then you have to reckon with fines. But are they expensive?

What are tow trucks used for?

In fact, every modern car tow truck is extremely professional. It can be used in at least several different ways. This thing can only be fun. However, who is generally interested in such a service as tow truck rental? They are different people. Sometimes companies offering roadside assistance are chosen when the car refuses to obey us. Professionals work 24 hours a day. Even when it’s a public holiday.

What else should not be forgotten on this particular level? The next important piece of information relating to this issue is that professionals are true professionals who have modern vehicles. They have plenty of experience and opinions about them are very good. It is worth knowing that entities providing roadside assistance guarantee, among other things, that minor repairs will be carried out, etc.

Sometimes, however, such issues cause vehicles to refuse to obey, etc. However, there are sometimes situations when failures are more serious. Then the tow truck is really necessary. This happens, for example, after a collision or a more serious cullet, etc. For what other purpose are such vehicles generally used? There is no denying that they are often used to transport vehicles from abroad. And they do a really good job of it too. That is why, in general, tow truck rental is an increasingly ordered service.

How to avoid fines?

You already know that tow truck rental is often chosen. After all, not only by individual customers, but also by entities (e.g. transport companies, etc.). Nowadays, almost every adult has a car. This also affects this particular factor. Are you wondering what is necessary for the transport of cars to be carried out not only accurately, but also, above all, quickly and safely? Among other things, the permissible load capacity of tow trucks cannot be exceeded. All this is precisely described in the regulations. If a given company or individual does not comply with this, fines should be taken into account.

Be sure to check everything carefully. For example, in the registration document, you have information about the weight of a particular car. This is valuable information. It cannot be greater than the permissible load capacity. In fact, it’s not just about avoiding fines. In fact, this is a secondary matter. In this way, you can of course save a lot of money and nerves. The most important thing, however, is that the transport is carried out safely. For the driver and the same for other road users.

What else should you remember? The permissible loads on the road axis must not be exceeded. Many people wonder if the transported car can protrude beyond the outline of the tow truck at all … It is possible, although everything is just as precisely defined by the regulations. The point is that the maximum height of the vehicle is 200 cm. If this figure is at least 50 cm, then additional markings are necessary. At this point, we mean, among others, white or red stripes in the form of flags. What else is crucial within this issue? The next important point concerns the weather. If the weather conditions are not entirely favorable, then you need to take care of additional lighting on the tow truck. After all, thanks to this, vehicles of this type will be much more visible.

What costs should be taken into account?

How much money do you have to spend on fines? The case is precisely defined in the regulations. It is to them that we will refer today. If the maximum permissible weight is exceeded by less than ten percent, then you will pay a fine of PLN 500. On the one hand, it is relatively little, but why spend money in this way? Especially since it’s better to follow the rules. Then you will not only not pay the fine, but also contribute to greater road safety.

The latter issue should generally be your priority. If the exceedance is greater than ten percent, then in such a situation the fines may be astronomical. Everything, of course, depends on the situation. In extreme cases, however, you have to take into account expenses reaching … several thousand PLN. This is really a lot of money. Therefore, everything must be done to prevent this from happening.

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