Jak pomóc osobie chorej na alkoholizm?

How to help a person suffering from alcoholism?

How to help a person suffering from alcoholism? Probably, if you have come across this page, you are probably wondering how to effectively help a person struggling with the problem of alcoholism? If so, you couldn’t have come to a better place. In this article, you will learn how to make appropriate suggestions and help a person with alcoholism to get out of the way. The problem of alcoholism is widely known in our society, although it is still a taboo topic. People do not like to be around alcoholics, and they very often withdraw into themselves and enter a state that can even lead to death.

It is not without reason that many people suffering from alcoholism have contributed to the complete loss of their family, as well as to the loss of a job or resignation from further education. Alcoholism can turn out to be a very dangerous problem, which is why it is extremely important to help such an addicted person as soon as possible. At the same time, it should be remembered that the alcoholic should express a desire to recover himself if he wants to return to normal, because this is mainly a psychological problem.

Why do so many people become alcoholics?

The alcohol problem affects even every third Pole. However, unfortunately, half of these people hide their attraction to alcoholic substances by getting drunk on their own and closing themselves off from other people. However, such a state cannot be hidden for long. Therefore, most of you are probably wondering what is the reason why so many people become alcoholics? Well, there are many reasons for these. However, in most cases, issues such as family problems, love problems, sudden job loss, as well as financial problems can be included here.

The alcohol problem mostly affects people who have a very sensitive nature and are unable to deal with stress and sudden problems that these people have experienced. Therefore, they are so eager to drink alcohol so as not to think about these unpleasant situations and occupy their psyche with something else, e.g. alcohol intoxication. There are many methods of treatment for people addicted to alcohol, although one of the most popular is primarily alcoholism treatment centers. Well, it should also be remembered that both people struggling with alcohol problems, as well as their relatives, can be helped by the provincial center for alcohol addiction and co-dependence therapy .

A center for alcoholics

An alcohol center is a place where work on the treatment of alcoholism begins primarily with consultations with specialists, i.e. with psychologists, therapists, as well as a psychiatrist. In the initial stage, the reason why a given resident began to consume alcohol in uncontrolled amounts is determined, as well as the qualification of a given addiction, and then the key treatment process takes place. At the same time, it should be noted that effective alcohol therapy can only take place when the alcoholic really shows a desire to be cured.

In some cases, compulsory alcohol therapy is also ordered. Compulsory alcohol therapy has always been adjudicated by a court and it takes place primarily in situations where, for example, domestic violence has occurred due to the fault of the alcoholic. An alcohol addiction treatment center can be open (i.e. group therapy) or closed. When it comes to closed centers for alcoholics , they are characterized primarily by the fact that the sick person has the opportunity to receive full medical and psychological help there.

A person going to a closed center much more often has a chance to go straight, because by going to such a place he changes his current environment and does not expose himself to contact with people who would persuade him to continue drinking alcohol. So it is a total detox for the body. Closed rehab centers for alcoholics are also characterized by the fact that each of the residents staying in such a place has a variety of duties every day. This is to prevent the alcoholic from having time to think about drinking. Closed alcohol addiction treatment centers exist throughout Poland. Therefore, you can choose the most suitable place for you and undergo such closed treatment.

What is meant by alcoholism?

Alcoholism is primarily a chronic disease that is a psychological addiction. Alcoholism is a set of several key phenomena, which include in particular: a physiological phenomenon, a behavioral phenomenon, as well as a cognitive phenomenon. It should be remembered that the problem of alcohol does not only affect a specific age group or gender. This problem can affect anyone. Currently, it is indicated that more and more young people under the age of 30 are treated for alcoholism treatment. It should also be remembered that alcoholism, which is not treated, can even lead to death.

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