Ile kosztuje pomoc drogowa laweta

How much does a tow truck cost?

How much does a tow truck cost? You can’t be sure of anything in life. Anything can happen and you need to be aware of that. Unforeseen situations in life also happen on the road. We rely on it not only on our own skills, but also on the behavior of other drivers. In the event of an accident or a serious collision, the car is not suitable for further driving.

What to do in such a situation? Is transport by tow truck the only option in this situation? How much does roadside assistance charge for the assistance provided? Do we have any influence on the costs of operations performed by roadside assistance?

Friday the thirteenth

For the purposes of explaining specific issues to you, imagine a certain situation. Driver named Pawel is not superstitious by nature, or at least he doesn’t think he is. This day is Friday and it’s the thirteenth of the month. Day like everyday. He gets in his Ford and drives out of the parking lot. He heads towards his parents’ farm. The town he is heading to is 20 km away from the city. He is careful and follows traffic rules. After leaving town, he turns on the radio. There’s some Metallica on right now. In this, out of nowhere, a guy in a multiplier crosses his path. It hits the front of the car and lands in a ditch. Confused, Paweł pulls over to the side of the road and gets out of the car. Someone called for help and in a moment the police will appear along with the fire brigade and ambulance. Paul’s heart began to beat faster.

Przypomniał sobie, że ma gdzieś zapisany numer pomocy drogowej, więc sprawdził w schowku notatki. Tak, znalazł się numer. Wykonuje telefon. Po upływie pół godziny zjawiają się pracownicy pomocy drogowej. Mają problem z dotarciem, ponieważ droga została zablokowana i trwają czynności związane z wypadkiem. Paweł ma dziś zdecydowanie zły dzień. Nie dość, że ma uszkodzone auto, to jeszcze spędzi tu masę czasu, będąc uczestnikiem czynności wyjaśniających zaistniałą sytuację. Pomoc drogowa lub wypożyczalnia lawet wrzuciła auto Pawła na lawetę i odjechała. Niedługo ma dostać rachunek za usługę.

Paweł continues to testify during the investigation for a long time. He also calls his brother to come pick him up. Is it the end of bad luck on Friday the 13th? About this in the paragraph below. Now let’s focus on the work of roadside assistance. The Ford of the hero of our mini story was damaged, liquid was pouring out of it. There was no option to transport it with a towbar. In such situations, in accordance with the applicable procedures, the car is transported on a tow truck. Hybrid and electric vehicles will also be placed on the carriage. Only cars with minor damage are transported on the tow bar.

Bad luck continues

Soon, Paweł received a bill for the help given to him on the road. He grabbed his head and wrung his hands. He had over $200 to pay. Paweł didn’t know it, but he could have paid much more for this help. What did the hero of that fateful day not know? Well, in an urban area, within the same city, he would pay from PLN 150 to PLN 200 for a similar service. The additional cost is incurred for the bonus kilometers that the car with the tow truck has to travel. In this case, we are talking about a few kilometers from the city at the most.

So there is no tragedy. We mentioned that our colleague could be in a worse situation. Yes it’s true. If that bad luck had happened at night or on a holiday, he would have received a bill for over 50% more than what he would have had to pay. If by some twist of fate his car ended up in a ditch, like the multipla of the cause of the collision, he would have to incur additional costs for the operation of lifting the vehicles from the ditch. In the context of the valuation of car transport using a tow truck, it can be assumed that its height can be relativized. For someone who does not suffer from a shortage of finance, a cost close to PLN 200 will not be so terrible.

For others, including Paweł described in the article, it is a solid expense. Let’s not forget that Paweł has a damaged car, and this is associated with a temporary lack of the vehicle and, of course, additional costs incurred in the car repair shop. If our hero had thought about insurance earlier, he would have avoided having to pay such a large amount.

What didn’t Paul do?

The whole event hit Paul in the pockets. However, if he had thought ahead, he would have avoided the unpleasant consequences of the whole event. It would be enough for him to order an insurance policy as part of the OC/AC package. What would such a package give him? Well, it would protect him from the consequences of unforeseen problems on the road. The insurer, in agreement with the policy owner, would cover most of the expenses related to towing the car with a rented tow truck.

The only cost that Paweł would have to bear would be related to the extra kilometers that the car with the tow truck will cover. As the distance from the city was short, he would probably be exempt from such necessity. What’s more, by purchasing an appropriate insurance policy, he could count on a courtesy car that would take him to his parents’ farm and to his own home. The vehicle would have to be returned within 5 days of its delivery. We see that it pays to think in advance and take care of the purchase of an insurance policy under the OC / AC.

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