Co to jest ozonowanie?

What is ozonation?

What is ozonation? Ozonation is one of the safest and at the same time the most effective methods of disinfection and purification without the use of chemicals for this purpose. This is a technique that has become very popular in recent years, but interest in it has increased several times during the coronavirus pandemic.

What is ozonation?

Ozonation is a method that works not only in apartments or houses, but also in other places, including public ones. We are talking, for example, about schools, offices, kindergartens, hospitals, clinics, warehouses, hotels and much, much more. This technique is based on the use of a chemical reaction of ozone, which involves entering into a correlation with organic compounds that have a bad effect on the human body. For example, we are talking about fungi, mold, microbes, allergens, mites, viruses and the like.

Ozonation is very similar to the moment you go out after a storm. Then there is a characteristic smell in the air. This is the increased concentration of ozone in the air, which was created in natural conditions.

Warsaw ozonation

Various ozonation services are offered. Among them you can find, among others:

  • ozonation of an apartment in the center of Warsaw;
  • ozonation of hotels in Ochota;
  • ozonisation of warehouses in Bemowo;
  • ozonation of kindergartens in Warsaw;
  • ozonisation of Warsaw offices.

Ozonation of such rooms primarily uses the chemical reaction of ozone. It works together with organic compounds that have a harmful effect on the human body, including mold. Ozonation is carried out using specialized ozone generators. They cause full elimination of all harmful substances and microorganisms. The ozone molecules that are produced by said generator lead to the release of oxygen molecules. These combine with organisms that negatively affect human health and lead to their neutralization.

Room ozonation price Bemowo

If anyone is interested in ozonizing rooms in Bemowo or generally ozonizing hotels in Warsaw Ursus  , you can use the services of companies dealing with this type of processes. Especially ozonation is recommended when a place has not been used for a long time or a large number of people have passed through it. The second issue is relevant in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The prices of ozonation in Bemowo or in another district in the capital of Poland are really different. It all depends, among others, on the location, the size of the rooms or the company itself that does it. So it’s best to contact the companies that offer ozonation in Warsaw or the surrounding area individually.

Ozonation is a method that is used not only to remove allergens and harmful organisms. It is also a technique used to refresh contaminated air and to remove any unpleasant odors from the room, both natural and artificial.

The air becomes cleaner, which reduces the problem of health complications, especially for people with respiratory diseases. However, ozonation has one downside – you can smell a characteristic smell in an ozonized room for several weeks. Still, few people bother with it.

Warsaw ozonisation of offices and more

Ozonation is very important not only in terms of apartments or single-family houses, but also in public places. In Warsaw, such a technique is used, for example, in offices, schools and hospitals. In this way, all harmful viruses and microorganisms that can have a bad effect on the health of people staying in these rooms are destroyed.

It is worth using such services, because ozonation has many advantages. First of all, it perfectly fights against moldy places and places exposed to recurring mold, and is also ideal for places where you often smoke. In addition, it is a great way to prepare the room for the appearance of a new family member, i.e. a terminally ill person, an allergy sufferer or a newborn baby.

Ozonation of rooms price list in the center of Warsaw

As ozonation of rooms has no time limits, this is another reason why it is worth using such a technique in Warsaw. The room should be prepared well in advance and the grace period after the ozonation is completed. Nevertheless, it is possible to provide such a service, for example, at night, when there is no one in public places, or – in the case of an apartment or house – during the day, when all household members are at work. Neither people nor animals can stay in ozonated places. It may also be necessary to remove all plants and remove or appropriately secure equipment that is of great value. This is important because it allows you to avoid excessive oxidation, which is also not always safe for pets or various objects.

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