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Roller blind colors

Roller blind colors: Roller blinds are a popular way of decorating windows. They not only look spectacular in the interior, but also do an excellent job with their basic functions: protection from light and prying eyes, creating coziness and attractive interior decoration. Most often, white blinds are installed. This applies to both office and residential spaces.

However, the choice of colored roller blinds is not limited to white only. A wide range of colors is available, from light iridescent shades to natural ones that look pleasing to the eye.

Why is it worth paying more attention to the color of roller blinds?

Because roller blinds not only provide space in the room, but somehow affect the psyche. For example, purple is calming, shades of red, green have a relaxing effect, and shades of gold, yellow, orange and pink are optimistic.

You can distinguish universal colors of roller blinds:

  • Beloved by all white, fits into any interior
  • Natural wood color ideal for ecological style
  • Beige, light, pastel colors refresh well, make the windows beautiful.

The color of the roller blind depends on the proportions of the rooms

In order not to focus solely on your own taste, you can follow a few rules. In particular, the color should be chosen taking into account the proportions of the room. In a small room, it will be correct to choose blinds depending on the color of the walls. You can visually expand the space.

Roller blinds in various contrasting colors look good on long windows . They divide the window opening into segments, so that it is not so large.

  • Light colors of roller blinds, vertical patterns are suitable for rooms with low ceilings.
  • Contrasting shades, horizontal blinds are ideal for rooms with high ceilings.
  • It is advisable to hang horizontal blinds on narrow windows, colors can contrast with the shade of the walls.

The color of the blind depends on the style

It is worth taking an interest in the color palette of roller blinds if you are arranging your apartment in accordance with a specific style. Each of them has its own color scheme. Italian classics prefer natural colors. French classics will be supported by bleached gilding, black with silver is an option for baroque.

Modern styles dictate their own rules:

      • The colors of horizontal roller blinds, such as white, gray and silver, match the loft and minimalism
      • Black, red, silver colors are suitable for hi-tech, aluminum blinds with a matte or glossy texture are suitable for the same style
      • Art Nouveau romantic style is loved by calm, pastel, delicate shades, here fabric patterns, curtains in combination with blinds, canvas with photo printing will look organically
      • In eco-style and Scandinavian style, preference is given to natural colors, bamboo, wicker varieties or cheaper plastic lamellas
      • The Mediterranean style will be supported by Roman blinds, the colors of the sea, sand, sky and sun are perfect
      • Extravagant pop art and art deco also allow you to decorate the windows with blinds, their colors should be bright, two-color blinds (alternating) are acceptable
      • Roller blinds in pastel colors, floral drawings are suitable for Provence.

The color of the blind depends on the functionality

The purpose of the room is another criterion for choosing the color of the blinds. For the kitchen, it is better to choose delicate natural shades. Red, pink colors increase appetite, blue on the contrary. Cream, white, olive, beige, lemon and blue shades look good in dining rooms. In the bedroom you can choose soothing blinds. It can be blue, purple, blue, green, chocolate, cocoa shades.

The colors of the sea, sand, sky and sun are also suitable for the bedroom, but only if they are supported by interior items of the same shade. When choosing blinds for the living room, you can experiment. Multi-colored patterns, curtains with photo printing, curtains in combination with roller blinds, multi-level vertical systems and much more will suit.

For the office, you need to choose strict colors that do not distract, but rather help tune in to the mood at work. It is classic white, gray, navy blue, blue.

Which blinds to choose?

If someone tends to do everything perfectly, he can create a diagram that will consist of several points:

      • Shape of the window opening (narrow, wide)
      • Ceiling height (low, high)
      • Room size (large, small)
      • Interior colors
      • Room functionality
      • Color combination.
      • Roller blinds color combination.

It is not enough to read the above tips and choose the shade for the blinds based on them. It is also important to know the color combination of the blinds. If the whole room is decorated in pleasant pink colors, you can not hang blue-green curtains on the windows. Purple curtains fit perfectly in a yellow room, green in red.

You can choose from three matching colors. For example, it can be light purple, light green and light orange. To create a relaxing interior, you need to choose colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. If someone needs colored blinds, let them consist of the following colors: light yellow-green, light yellow, light yellow-orange.

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