Sea ​​containers

Kontenery morskie

Dry cargo shipping containers are standardized reusable metal containers. They are widely used in sea, rail and road transport of goods. The company offering sea container rental has modules of various sizes.

The cost of the service depends on the standard size of the module, the rental period, and the number of leased containers. The minimum rental period is one day and the maximum is even several years.

What tasks are solved by renting sea containers?

  • Quickly find shipping containers with specific dimensions and designs.
  • Reduce financial costs – renting will be much cheaper than buying.
  • Get a completely clean, operational and usable sea container.
  • Avoid the problems of storing containers that are not currently in use.

Sea containers can be rented and used not only for transport, but also as a warehouse for storing goods. The rented metal module is installed by the company on the indicated site.

What sea containers are available for rent?

The company that rents sea containers offers the following models: 10, 20, 40 ft. Each of them is rented at an attractive price with transparent favorable rental conditions. The offer includes only sea containers in good technical condition, which have passed inspections and can still be used for many years.

If defects are revealed during operation, the container will be covered by the service, because it is provided for the entire duration of the rental contract. When deciding to rent, you need to take into account your specific needs, because sea containers are available in various sizes. They have different internal dimensions, the size of openings in the door and in the roof. Their load capacity is also different, as well as their intended use.

Who is sea container rental for?

The purchase of sea containers, despite the costs, is the main condition for the success of many enterprises. For a one-off project or transporting non-standard containers, it does not pay to buy and maintain your own container fleet. It is easier to rent a container with given parameters. An extensive container fleet allows you to choose the right sea container for almost any type of cargo that does not require special temperature conditions and is approved for transport with dry cargo containers:

  • Standard 20- and 40-foot modules – suitable for most transport and storage tasks.
  • The 10 ft sea container is suitable for transport and storage purposes. It has a sealed gate and you can transport or store moisture-sensitive materials in it.

Construction elements of a sea container

A dry cargo container is a metal block, the construction of which includes:

  • Frame. The welded frame is assembled from durable rolled products from steel profiles.
  • Sheathing. Most often it is a profiled steel sheet with a thickness of 1.5-2.0 mm, covered with an anti-corrosion coating. The metal surface is treated with a sandblaster, then a primer and a layer of paint are applied to it.
  • Entry. In a standard sea container, it is located at one end of the module. Possible options are door openings in the two end walls or in the longitudinal side. The tightness of closing the wings is ensured by a flexible seal placed around the perimeter of the opening.
  • Floor. Its base consists of longitudinal and transverse steel profiles. The floor covering is made of wooden materials treated with antiseptic compounds. Such a floor is resistant to biological and mechanical damage, has anti-slip properties and is easy to repair.
  • Roof. In standard modules, it is made of profiled steel sheet, which is welded to the supporting frame.

Terms of renting a sea container

You can rent sea, dry, refrigerated containers of all sizes and modifications for any period from 1 day. You can order delivery of selected equipment to any place. In addition, the rental company advises and provides technical assistance to customers free of charge throughout the rental period.

If an entrepreneur is looking for ways to reduce storage costs, renting sea containers is a good and economical choice. These mobile warehouses can be used in any business. They are perfect for storing food products, building materials and machinery.

There is an option to rent a refrigerated container, to get the right temperature inside the module, just connect it to the power supply. Important! When renting serviced equipment, you do not have to worry about its repairs, the rental company takes care of all work related to the replacement of consumables, parts and troubleshooting.

Renting a sea container is suitable for anyone looking for reliable temporary storage of goods or cargo. This service will cost much less than buying it and you won’t have to wonder what to do with it when you no longer need it. At the same time, the rental period can be extended if necessary.

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