How to choose structural timber that will work well when building a wooden house?

How to choose structural timber that will work well when building a wooden house? Wooden houses are back in favor! Although it would seem that with the introduction of brick standards a few decades ago they will disappear forever and become a curiosity, they are slowly returning to the construction industry and more and more people are choosing them – either because of their price or because of the climate they create or the appearance they finally allow to achieve.

When deciding on them, however, we must know how important structural wood is in them, which is an absolutely basic element of their construction How to choose the one that will be most suitable? Why is his choice so important? What types of wooden houses exist and which one is really for us? We will answer these and many other questions in our short guide.

Construction timber – which one to choose?

Structural timber is the basic material for building wooden houses. Properly selected, it ensures their solidity and durability. So how to choose them so that they work well in action, and our building based on it fulfills its functions and lasts for at least several generations?

First of all, we should consider the type of wood. The most commonly used and definitely the most popular is pine wood, which works well in every aspect – elasticity, durability and resistance to bending. Other conifers, such as spruce and fir, also perform equally well. However, they are less frequently used.

The basis of good wood is its dryness – the humidity cannot exceed 18%. This is achieved by drying it in a chamber at a temperature of 60 ° C and allowing to get rid of all kinds of insect larvae, fungi, mold and other undesirable elements that can harm the wood. Wet wood, in turn, favors their development. Finally, the wood must also be planed on four sides – this will increase its fire resistance.

Construction timber can be solid or glued. As for the former, its log must be sawn (preferably twice). The second, in turn, is made by gluing sheets of wood (or several slats). It requires much lower humidity – its maximum value is only 12%.

Types of wooden houses and their basic advantages

However, the choice of structural wood is not all that we have to do if we want to have a wooden house for many years. You also need to choose the right type. This will define not only its final durability and partly its appearance, but also the way it is made and the price we will have to pay for it.

Wooden frame houses

Currently, one of the most popular types of wooden houses, finding the golden mean in high quality and low price. The entire structure is erected in just a few weeks, and consists of a frame (hence the name) made of structural wood and insulating filling (thermal and acoustic), usually made of mineral or wood wool, closed between boards of any choice. The frame house is the most flexible – as we cover the walls from the outside and inside with flat boards, we can cover them with a thin layer of plaster or wood, which will be as decorative as we wish. Frame houses are also known as “Canadians”. They are the most popular in this country.

Wooden prefabricated houses

Prefabricated houses are the melody of the future and something that is almost exclusively chosen by the rich (they cost the most). However, there’s no denying that they perform admirably. Most of their parts are created, according to our design, in the factory – they are not actually built at the destination, but only assembled. Due to the fact that a machine is working on their formation, they are made with care, precision and attention to detail. They are something reliable and incredibly durable, able to last for hundreds of years. Houses of this type are built in just 2-3 days, which is simply unbeatably fast.

Wooden log houses

Wooden log houses are not something new, and they have been around for hundreds of years (they were used before their brick counterparts). They are a guarantor of durability and solidity – a guarantor that is confirmed in the already existing and well-performing buildings. By themselves, they do not require the use of an external facade (not using it is inscribed in their main assumptions). They are built in a few weeks, and their walls are built in layers, with thermal insulation made of mineral wool, wood wool or cellulose fibers between the outer and inner layer of the log.


It is not without reason that wooden houses are an increasingly popular choice of all those who intend to live in their own house and want to create it with an idea, but also to build it quickly and cheaply. Although their creation can be described as fast, it requires us to choose the right construction wood and focus on quality. Only this will be able to ensure their durability and reliability – regardless of which type we finally choose.

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