Where is it worth going on holiday abroad?

Where is it worth going on holiday abroad? Poles are increasingly willing to spend their holidays abroad. High prices in the mountains and on the Baltic Sea and the lack of guaranteed good weather make us willing to travel abroad. We have a huge selection of destinations, but most often we decide to spend our holidays in Europe. We will find here everything you need to spend a wonderful holiday abroad: beautiful monuments, long sandy beaches and sunny weather. 


Croatia is still one of the favorite countries of Poles to spend wonderful holidays. Although in this case, holidays abroad have become much more expensive, it’s hard to give up such wonderful views, delicious food and beautiful weather. Croatia has a well-developed tourist base, thanks to which we have a huge selection of places both on the mainland and on the islands. And most importantly for us, you can get there efficiently by car.

Poles usually organize trips to Croatia on their own, rarely using the offers of travel agencies. It is very easy to find accommodation here and communicate without knowing foreign languages. Many people return here every year to the same places. Others want to explore this small country well and decide on different locations. Islands and regions may differ from each other and offer completely different tourist attractions. It is worth not choosing the most famous resorts such as Dubrovnik or Makarska when visiting for the first time, because the huge number of tourists can obscure the beauty of these places. And holidays abroad are primarily supposed to bring us a well-deserved rest.


We choose Italy primarily because of the huge number of beautiful cities with countless monuments. Of course, there is no shortage of beautiful long beaches, but it is worth visiting at least a few places when going there. Everyone wants to see Rome with the Vatican at least once, which will surely be remembered for a long time. Meeting the Pope during the Wednesday audience is an important experience for most tourists. Lovers should definitely see the famous Juliet’s balcony in Verona and go on a trip to Venice. Beautiful canals impress every tourist. It can get crowded in high season, but it’s worth going here at least once in your life.

Italy is also an excellent cuisine, which should not be forgotten. The kingdom of pizza will make us remember its taste for a long time. We must try margaritas in Naples or thick pieces in Bologna. Of course, Italy is not only pizza, but also excellent pasta and seafood. Such a culinary journey will be full of sensations, and thanks to frequent visits to Italian restaurants, we will feel the true atmosphere of this country. Each region has wonderful food to offer and wine that tastes great here.


Spain is a dream of many Poles. It is more difficult to get here by car, because you have to cover over two thousand kilometers, which is why we usually go to this country through travel agencies. And such holidays abroad can be organized by yourself, all you need is basic knowledge of Spanish or English. Spain is a very large country so we have a huge choice of where to stay. Poles most often choose the Costa Brava, which allows you to visit Barcelona.

However, it is worth going on holiday abroad to less popular beaches on the Costa Blanca or Costa del Sol. Spain is also wonderful paradise islands such as Mallorca or Ibiza, where you can taste world-class events. Also the views will evoke paradise, white sand and transparent azure sea will make you want to come back there every year.

Spain, apart from sandy beaches, also has great monuments to offer in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Granada. Many pilgrims from all over the world come here to walk at least part of the Way of Saint James and reach his tomb in Santiago de Compostela. This southern country is also a paradise for lovers of seafood, fish and fresh vegetables.


Portugal is a less popular country for holidays abroad, but anyone who has been there can recommend a stay in this place with a clear conscience. When going on holiday to Portugal, it is worth choosing the 7+7 option, where we will have the opportunity to visit the country and rest on one of the numerous beaches. A must see is the modern capital of Lisbon with its beautiful aquarium. We will also be delighted by Porto with its famous azulejos, i.e. colorful tiles. Being there, we must try the excellent port, which is poured in the vineyards of Villa Nova de Gaia.

When visiting Portugal, it is worth visiting Barcelos, where we will listen to the legend of the rooster, which has become the symbol of this country. We will also be enchanted by the student Coimbra with its historic buildings. Many people choose the Portuguese island of Madeira as the destination for their holidays abroad. It is an unusual green place with a pleasant temperature. Nature plays the main role here, so we should prepare ourselves for breathtaking views. The island is also the kingdom of one of the best footballers in the world, Ronaldo, so football fans will also find paradise here.

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