How to choose underwear?


How to choose underwear? Underwear is a business card of every woman. We love beautiful lace sets that make you feel special. We have a huge selection in stores today. Regardless of whether we are small or larger, whether we have small or large breasts, everyone will find something for themselves. Prices vary, but sometimes it is better to opt for a higher price to be able to enjoy the highest quality materials and wearing comfort.

Underwear sets

Every woman should have at least 2-3 sets of underwear in her collection. On a daily basis, we usually don’t care if panties and a bra match. But there are occasions when we must take care of the perfect set that will emphasize all the advantages of our body. Women’s underwear can also subtly hide some of the shortcomings of our body, so it’s worth spending some time to find the perfect set.

We must pay a lot of attention to both the bra and panties. Not all ladies can afford tight-fitting panties. Sometimes it’s better to choose more built-up panties that will hide some shortcomings. Of course, the bra must be perfectly matched with the size, preferably with the help of a bra fitter. The whole must emphasize all our strengths, but also be comfortable to wear.

The most sexy color of lingerie is red and every woman should have such a set in her wardrobe. In addition, two in other colors that emphasize our beauty and make us feel good.

Women’s underwear gives us self-confidence and the belief that we look great. That is why we should not save on it and postpone the purchase of decent sets forever. Just going to the lingerie store will give us a lot of joy.


A few years ago, information about the possibility of using the braffiter service began to appear in women’s lingerie stores. Today, almost every salon offers them, although not everywhere we will actually receive professional advice. Each of the ladies should seek professional advice at least once, because it turns out that most of us wear ill-fitting bras.

The worst situation is in women with large breasts. The breasts are not well supported and often spill out of the bra. After a whole day, women’s bodies are almost wounded from the whalebones sticking in. Long-term wearing of ill-fitting bras causes deformation of the bust and ribs, pain in the back and shoulders, which most often carry our breasts.

During the visit, the bra fitter will tell us what elements we need to pay attention to when choosing a bra. First of all, you need to pay attention to the right circumference under the bust. Very often we wear definitely too large sizes, which is why the entire weight of the bust rests on the straps, which stretch very quickly.

The second important element is the cup size, here we usually wear too small. The bust cannot go beyond the cup, it must fit in it, so that it does not move even with sudden movements. Thanks to this, we can do sports, run without fear that the bust will jump or fall out. We also need to choose the right underwires that will ideally surround the entire breast without rubbing it in any way.

On the first visit, it is worth buying at least two pieces and not wearing your previous underwear. The breasts will adapt to the new comfortable bras and in the future their shape will change slightly, making it easier for us to adjust the bra.

Slimming underwear

Not all ladies are satisfied with their appearance, we constantly complain about protruding sides, huge thighs or a flat ass. Good women’s underwear will easily deal with all these problems. We just need to choose the right type of set that will slim and shape all the desired parts of the body.

And so, if we are going to an important event and think about wearing a tight dress, we must choose a bodysuit. They will contour our whole body and make no folds flow out of us. We have to think about whether we want such a body with extra legs, which will also make the thighs slimmer. At the sides, we put on the bra first and any wrinkles in the skin will also be hidden. Every day, ladies very often use shorts or panties with a high waist.

However, it is worth buying such thermoactive underwear made of high-quality materials. Otherwise, instead of a beautiful body, we will get underwear that is always rolling. Not only will the set not make us slimmer, but it will also deform our figure.

It is very important to fit slimming underwear to your size. Many women decide to buy much smaller panties and teddies, believing that thanks to this they will look a few sizes smaller. If we buy good quality underwear, choosing a smaller size will not be able to wear it at all.

With your size, you often have to do some gymnastics to pull on such a teddy. After putting on the clothes, we will immediately see the effects, our silhouette will be perfectly smoothed. But don’t expect to lose 20 kilos right away.


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