How to start interior design?

How to start interior design? We live in times when everyone can express themselves through home decor (furniture or lighting). Interior design is no longer the domain of graduates only. Programs designed for this purpose can often be found in newspapers, and catalogs provided by large stores can become an inspiration.

In many cases, the adventure with interior design begins when arranging an apartment or building a house, when instead of hiring a professional, we feel like tackling ideas ourselves. What our outlet looks like largely reflects who we are – neat minimalists or maybe we are closer to the colorful and mysterious bohemia?

How to start your adventure with design?

Inspiration first! Even before we make a decision, we should create a preliminary vision of the dream apartment. This will help us to look for furniture and accessories in the right place, saving us a huge amount of time. Let’s look at guides, magazines, journals and catalogs. Blogs and websites of designers who willingly boast about their achievements online will also come in handy.

It also happens that we are inspired by a journey and the hotel we visit, decorated in an exotic style. The second step is to draw up a floor plan and a list of things we would like to display. Only when we have such a pre-arranged plan, we can transfer it to a drawing or to a program that helps in interior design. At this stage, it is also important to accurately measure the rooms, thanks to which it will be easier to select the appropriate furniture when viewing catalogs. The mistake made by beginners is to pay too much attention to appearance.

Of course, this is also an important criterion, but the functionality of the rooms is equally important. Aesthetics should go hand in hand with usability. A perfect example of this type of elements are items-storage boxes, which at the same time do not indicate with their appearance that they can contain anything. The last stage, although not always mandatory, is consultation with a person professionally involved in interior design. Thanks to this, we will be able to make sure that our ideas are possible to implement.

A good architect has a wide knowledge of different materials and will look at the apartment from a different perspective, moreover, he is more skilled in making virtual designs and visualizations, which can help in evaluating the proposed project.

Inspiration and duplication of ideas from catalogs

Interior design is more difficult than it seems at first, and after a few failed attempts, copying a catalog interior will be a tempting prospect. However, there is a risk that the faithful reproduction of the room will not be so satisfying and we will be left with the feeling that the apartment we live in is not ours. If we do not have enough strength, and more importantly, time, let’s at least change the colors or replace all the accessories with those that will be a pleasure to see. A pinch of your own style in the arrangement will give it extravagance and make you shine among your friends.

Balance in our environment

What if we like too many styles and can’t decide? Mix? If so, in moderation. Excessive additions will overwhelm instead of surprising and will make the interior no longer cozy. In addition, clutter makes it easier to feel bad, and a poorly chosen mix of styles can give the impression of disorder. If we can’t decide which style should prevail in the arrangement, let’s decide to stay with two of our favorites. Then we will see that interior design is not a challenge. We can combine matching or, on the contrary, quite contrasting elements.

Minimalism and accessories in a country style? This may turn out to be interesting. Don’t be afraid to leave your mark on the project. When designing the interior, let’s remember about the personalities of our roommates. The arrangement should not only be aesthetic, it should also help to calm down after a long day or add energy when it is lacking. Extroverts often prefer cheerful and vibrant colors, while introverts will choose pastels and other soft shades.

Modern design and its price

Before we start creating, let’s think about how much we are willing to spend on our project. We will be able to do many things with zero money if we take care of them properly. Boho-style interiors look good in the company of antiqued furniture, but if we value rooms with a soul, then a great idea will be to visit a flea market and renew the old stuff. The same with fashionable trinkets.

We can make modern graphics ourselves, all that remains is to buy the appropriate frame and show off the work in the salon. Zero waste has been in vogue for some time now. In practice, this means sharing items that no longer suit us or simply get bored. Thanks to this, we can get real gems easily and for free, while doing something good for the environment. People interested in the topic will certainly find groups created especially for this purpose on Facebook.

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