Which forklift to choose?

Which forklift to choose? As the world of science is moving forward, man makes every job easier. Of particular help, he soars in work that requires lifting heavy things. This is why forklifts were invented.

They mean that a person does not have to move all the things from the pallet manually, nor does he have to drag them with a pallet truck. In fact, a man does not lift anything, but the forklifts do all the work for him. Such trucks are electric, gas or combustion, and even hydrogen.

Which forklift to choose?

It is worth paying attention to hydrogen forklifts, they are used e.g. by Carrefour. Their system involves the use of an Air Liquide station, which allows hydrogen to be refueled also indoors. Their hydrogen cell technologies developed in cooperation with the HyLIFT-EUROPE Project consortium, which is its main developer, and which are used in warehouse vehicles used by Carrefour, also have a refueling infrastructure.

This system has been fully developed and is ready to be deployed on a large scale. As it is an ecological solution and competitive in terms of operating costs, the HyLIFT-EUROPE Project assumes that it will play an increasingly important role in the logistics sector.

An additional benefit of using hydrogen drive in forklift trucks is time saving, because hydrogen refueling takes 3 minutes. For comparison, it takes at least a quarter of an hour to replace a discharged battery in electric wheelchairs.

Electric forklifts

An alternative to hydrogen electric forklifts when it comes to environmental protection are electric forklifts. Due to the fact that they have an electric motor, they do not emit dangerous and unhealthy exhaust gases into the environment. It is also crucial for the health and well-being of the forklift operator, as he too can be exposed to the negative effects of IC forklifts.

Another advantage over combustion forklifts is the quiet operation of electric forklifts. The standard noise level of an electric wheelchair is around 80 dB, which is comparable to the sound of a vacuum cleaner. Thanks to this, operators of electric forklifts do not have to use additional ear protection in the form of earmuffs or earbuds, which is unfortunately necessary in internal combustion forklifts.

The operation of electric forklifts is also much more efficient due to the easy and convenient replacement of batteries. Electric forklifts can work both indoors, but also thanks to the use of an appropriate housing and motor cover, the forklift can be used outside the building, where it is exposed to changing weather conditions.

The engine cover will effectively protect it from moisture or precipitation. Electric forklifts are also safer because they have a reinforced roof structure that protects the operator from possible injuries caused by the load falling from a height.

Do forklifts have an impact on environmental protection?

Nowadays, environmental protection is crucial for everyone, so it is worth considering whether by choosing a forklift for our company we can have an impact on its protection. In the case of forklifts, alternative solutions were quickly found for vehicles emitting exhaust fumes and having a disastrous impact on the environment.

Hydrogen and electric forklifts quickly gained their supporters and many companies opted for such solutions. Both environmental protection and price were of key importance here. The prices of electric or hydrogen forklifts are much lower than combustion forklifts. This is also reflected in the operating costs, because internal combustion forklifts are expensive to maintain, louder, more harmful to both humans and the environment.

In addition, I would like to remind you that internal combustion forklifts can be used mainly outdoors or in properly ventilated rooms. Therefore, they cannot be used in every room. This problem does not exist in the case of hydrogen or electric forklifts. These can be used both indoors and outdoors.

It is predicted that internal combustion forklifts will be completely displaced from the market in the next few or a dozen or so years. Already today we can see a significant advantage of ecological solutions over combustion ones. Even in Poland such changes are noticeable. This is a good step towards protecting the environment, which should be in everyone’s interest.

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