Domy z kontenerów morskich - najważniejsze informacje

Houses made of sea containers – the most important information

Houses made of sea containers – the most important information: Houses made of sea containers may seem crazy at first glance. However, it has become an increasingly common solution recently. These types of buildings are quick to build, modern and ecological. What is worth knowing about houses made of sea containers, what formalities must be met in order to be able to build them and what should be remembered?

What are container houses?

Container homes are becoming more and more popular. It is an extremely interesting alternative to buying a new flat. The prices of containers are much lower, and the growing awareness of the society and a more ecological lifestyle also contribute to the increase in their popularity.

House sea containers are a great solution that is extremely popular in the United States. Not so long ago, it was more a whim of wealthy people, not a standard solution. Today, there are many companies on the Polish market that specialize in building and renting houses from sea containers. They also ensure proper insulation and connection of the necessary installations and utilities.

What is worth knowing about houses made of sea containers?

Sea containers are houses that are built on the basis of the so-called. modular construction. For this purpose, both brand new and used sea containers are used. The construction of such a container is a self-supporting frame made of steel, which has been protected with a special anti-corrosion coating. The ceiling, walls and floors are made of galvanized sheet metal, which is stiffened with side reinforcements and filled with a special insulating material, such as mineral wool or polyurethane insulation.

Inside the houses made of containers, chipboards and cardboard-gypsum boards are used. Their finish from the outside is practically no different from traditional buildings. Materials such as plaster, stone, wood or special facade panels can be used. It all depends on how the house is to be maintained.

It is also worth mentioning that sea container houses can be equipped with any installations. In this type of buildings, however, it is recommended to use electric heating.

What are the advantages of houses made of sea containers 

In Poland, houses made of sea containers are still a rare solution, but having them undoubtedly has many advantages. First of all, such houses can be erected very quickly. Just choose a ready container, place it on the plot, install the necessary installation and you can move in. The delivery time depends on several factors, but usually it does not exceed a month. This is a great convenience compared to the long-term construction of traditional buildings.

Another issue is mobility. Modern houses made of sea containers can be moved to another place at any time. It can also be extended with additional modules. These types of houses are also a great comfort. Contrary to appearances, these are not just any barracks. The current conditions allow them to be compared to extremely modern and well-equipped barracks. It is also impossible not to mention the attractive price. It is much lower than the cost of building a house or buying an apartment.

Other information about container houses 

However, there are also some disadvantages to consider when building container houses. First of all, Polish law does not specifically regulate the issues related to the possession of such terms. Containers do not have foundations, therefore they are not legally residential buildings. The disadvantage of this type of buildings may also be the relatively high cost of heating them. In addition, all containers are similar to each other. It is hard to find unusual and sophisticated solutions. In order to implement more advanced solutions, additional costs must be taken into account.

A container house for year-round living costs about 2-3 thousand per square meter. In addition, any fees related to the transport of parts, assembly and finishing must be added to the cost estimate. Typically, the total costs associated with the construction of container houses range from PLN 55,000 to even PLN 200,000. You can choose buildings of various sizes. As mentioned earlier, both used and new containers are available on the market. Both types can be successfully used. Sea containers were previously used in transport. They are extremely durable.

Speaking of container houses, it is also worth mentioning the proper preparation of the site. In fact, all you need to do is level it, thicken it and stabilize it properly. There is no need to prepare foundations unless the structure is quite large. Although the houses made of containers do not look the most visually attractive, you can successfully take the appropriate steps to finish them. Certainly, this type of solution will become more and more popular over time. It is worth noting that the containers can also be used as seasonal houses. They can, for example, be placed on a plot by the lake where you spend your holidays.

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