When to use a translation company and when to translate yourself?

When to use a translation company and when to translate yourself? In our lives, we often encounter a situation in which we stand in front of the German language. Our neighbors have an increasing influence on the economy of the world (including our country), and German translations are becoming the most popular in the industry (right after the English ones, of course).

While almost everyone knows English at a basic level and nowadays it is an absolute standard (at least for most people), German is more rare. This is reflected not only in the labor market, where it is extremely desirable, but also in the translation industry.

However, when do we need to reach for a translation company and how to choose it? When can we try to translate ourselves? We will focus on all this in our article.

German translations – independently or with the help of a professional?

If German translations are something we need at the moment and we have ever had contact with this language before (it is increasingly appearing in schools as a so-called “second language”), we may want to undertake them ourselves. However, we must pay attention to what is the purpose of our translations and what their desired effect is. If, for example, we want to translate ordinary messages to our colleague from abroad, there will be no point in using the help of professionals.

The same applies to situations in which we only need to understand a given text (nowadays, the technology offering automated translations German is so developed that it will certainly be enough for our purposes ).

The situation is quite different when we expect a much higher quality of translation. This usually happens when we need to translate an employment contract (if we found it in Germany) or a whole longer text, for example, for a test at school. Then the use of an interpreter who, while being good enough, may not be sufficient, will turn out to be disastrous.

Just like translating a text word for word, which can be fatal for us. The most common case in which German translations are outsourced to a professional company dealing with them is when it is necessary to translate an official letter in the language of our western neighbors.

The same applies to more technical texts, whose complicated vocabulary would scare even a native German.

What should a good translation agency look like?

If we have already decided to entrust German translations to a company that will do them for us, we must find a company that will do it not only the cheapest, but also the best. After all, when deciding on this type of service, we count on professionalism, expecting an effect that will meet our requirements.

Therefore, when choosing a translation agency (or a private person who makes money on translations), we should pay attention to such aspects as:

  • its seniority – the longer a given translation company has been on the market, the more likely it is that people are satisfied with its services (otherwise it would not exist) – and we will be able to join this group of satisfied ones;
  • certificates it has – certificates are an excellent proof of the quality of services provided – let’s make sure that the company we choose has the most prestigious ones, not necessarily in a huge amount;
  • punctuality – when going to a translation agency, we are usually in a situation where we need a given translation “right now”, or at least as soon as possible. In the selection of a translation company, however, it is not speed that counts, but timeliness, and therefore setting realistic and actual deadlines for the finished text – even if they are a bit further away, it is important for the company to stick to them;
  • opinions about it – before making a choice, let’s look at what people who have already used its services write about a given company;
  • language specializations – although when ordering German translations, we care about the German language, if the translation agency also offers other languages, we can usually count on much greater professionalism on its part.


There is no denying the fact that more and more Poles use the German language – and not only those who go to Germany, for example, for work, but also those “ordinary” who sometimes have to deal with a client from Germany ( at work) or even with the need to translate something, say at school or university.

If we also need to translate something, let’s approach it reasonably and consider how important the professionalism of this translation is for us – German , despite many similarities to our language, is not the easiest one and a person unfamiliar with it may find it difficult just hard. Sometimes it is better to ask for help from a trusted, reliable and timely translation agency that will guarantee us the effect we expect without unnecessary effort on our part.

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