Bra fitting, i.e. the perfect bra

Bra fitting, i.e. the perfect bra: Owners of breasts that did not fall within the 75A-90D size range formerly considered to be standard, today have a huge selection of bras in stores, not only online. Still, not only young girls are looking for information on what a well-chosen bra should look like.

This will be taken care of by brafitting, or in Polish: professional fitting of bras. Professional bra fitters can be found in an increasing number of lingerie salons, and the Internet is full of groups whose participants share their experiences and opinions about various models of bras, as well as blogs with reviews and advice. This growing movement and greater awareness of customers make it possible to put aside the myth that women’s underwear cannot be pretty and comfortable at the same time.

How to choose a bra correctly?

A well-fitting bra worn for the first time is a huge change for women with larger breasts, as well as for those with a less typical girth underneath. Suddenly, it turns out that breasts of any size can look nice and stay in place, they are raised and it’s not the straps that hold the whole weight.

How to choose a bra correctly? You have to remember that every bust is different and the size chart is only a starting point. If the size indicated by her is too small or too big, you have to try on another one. It is also often the case that with different manufacturers, and even in different models of the same brand, we may need increasing sizes. It depends on the construction of a given bra, the depth of the cups, the width of the underwire, the degree of construction, the stretchability of the material around the circumference.

Step by step, let’s see how to find a well-fitting bra:

1. Measure your dimensions right after menstruation – at the end of the cycle, breasts can be up to two sizes larger.

2. Measure the circumference under the bust tightly, and the circumference in the most protruding part of the bust – rather loosely. Save the results.

3. If your breasts are not very firm and firm, measure them both without a bra and in the best-fitting bra you have (preferably soft). Choose the higher value as the basis for sizing.

4. Read the appropriate size in the table – it consists of a number indicating the circumference under the bust and a letter indicating the size of the cup. When determining the circumference, round your measurements down to 5 cm. Only when you know the circumference, you can check the correct cup size. The same letter does not always mean the same bust size – it’s just the relationship of the cups to the circumference. For example, 80G may seem like a large bust while 65G is just average.

5. Once you know the starting size (remember that individual manufacturers may use their own sizes), it’s time to try on. The size from the table may not actually fit you perfectly – then check the appropriately larger or smaller cup, or even a different circumference.

How to know the correct bra fit?

For beginners in the field of bra fitting, it may be difficult to assess [b]whether the bra fits well[/b]. It may seem that since the whole breasts fit in it, it is good, but sometimes we only choose a good enough bra when it can be perfect.

A well-fitting bra is when:

– the whole breasts fit in the cup – there is no free space at the top, and the edge of the bra does not cut through the bust (the bra fitter will call this phenomenon “buns”);

– the circumference of the bra creates a horizontal line, it is stable and does not move, but on the other hand it does not compress and does not make it difficult to breathe.


Sometimes it happens that the breast does not fill the entire cup, but not from the top, but from the bottom. Then you can see the kink in the lower part of the cup, and the underwires are not located directly under the bust. Then it may be the fault not of the wrong size, but of the wrong shape. Bra cups can be deeper, more forward or shallower – less protruding from the chest and higher. Try the same size in a different cut or from a different manufacturer. It might turn out to be a hit.

Professional bra fitting

Women’s underwear is designed not only to look attractive. First of all, we wear it to ensure comfort. And while an ill-fitting bra can be torture, a well-fitted bra gives much more comfort than no bra at all. If choosing a size is difficult for you and you don’t know where to start, find a lingerie store that offers bra fitting. You do not have to worry about fees for such a consultation, the goodness of the bra is free.

You will get tips on the right size, but also on the most suitable styles for you, along with suggestions of several perfectly matched bras available in the store. Online bra fitting may turn out to be less accurate – the consultant cannot see the exact shape of your bust and you cannot try on more bras at once. However, it will be of great help if you do not have the opportunity to go to a stationary salon.

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