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Car parts – what you should know about them

Car parts – what you should know about them: Buying a car is undoubtedly a serious investment. However, it is hard to imagine functioning without it on a daily basis, especially when we do not live in a big city. In order for our car to meet all safety standards, it is necessary to regularly check the technical condition of its components. When it turns out that one of them needs to be replaced, it is not worth delaying the repair. Visits to the mechanic can be very expensive, but unfortunately, they are unavoidable. To save some cash, sometimes it makes sense to opt for used car parts. What should you know about them?

The most frequently replaced car parts

It is worth remembering that some car parts need to be replaced regularly, regardless of whether they caused a sudden breakdown of the car on the road. Due to increased use, the most frequently replaced parts include:

– Tires – they are in constant contact with various types of ground and changing weather conditions. The tire tread is not indestructible, its abrasion is a natural process.

– Filters – fuel, oil and air filters should be replaced on average once a year.

– Brake system parts – Brake pads are of great importance in terms of vehicle safety. Their operation consists in the gradual wiping of their elements, which is why it is so important to regularly check their technical condition.

– Oil – Engine oil should be changed at the frequency recommended by the manufacturer. It is worth remembering because clean oil affects the overall functioning of the car’s drive system.

New car parts

When we decide to buy a more expensive car, which is no more than 5 years old, any failure can result in costly repairs. These types of vehicles usually require new, original parts from authorized showrooms. However, when deciding on such a purchase, we get a two-year warranty on their operation, and we can be sure that new car parts are made of high-quality materials. Such a purchase can also be made in automotive stores, both stationary and online.

If you know which specific parts you need, it’s worth ordering them yourself before visiting a mechanic. This will save you some time and cash. New car parts can sometimes be found at private online auctions, but it is not hard to find scammers there, because the attached photos do not always show the actual condition of the item. When is it not worth investing in new parts? In the case of older, for example, sixteen-year-old cars, mechanics do not recommend such costly replacements. So where to look for car parts in this case?

Used Car Parts

Used car parts are a cheaper alternative for owners of older cars. Currently, you can easily find original parts of subassemblies preserved in very good condition. The purchase can be made independently through various types of online advertising services, but when we have no idea about the automotive industry, it is worth ordering it to a specialist. Many mechanics undertake to find the right parts to repair the car online. It is worth remembering, however, that used car parts, despite their very good technical condition, no longer have any warranty.

Used car parts from a vehicle dismantling station

Many used parts preserved in very good condition can be found at the dismantling stations. Currently, such stations are obliged to recover as many functional components as possible before disposal of a given car. For this reason, almost every car scrap deals with the sale of parts from accident cars, withdrawn from traffic, or simply exploited.

Which ones are reusable? The most frequently selected parts are windows, mirrors, tires, rims, body parts, lighting, suspension elements, as well as engine and driveline components. There are parts that are not recommended to be bought at a scrap car. We are talking about disposable filters, brake pads, airbags, seat belts and operating fluids.

Cheaper substitutes

There is also such a thing as replacement car parts, both new and used. In crisis situations, when a car breakdown turns out to be too heavy for us to bear financially, cheaper substitutes can be used to repair the car, which are an alternative to buying much more expensive original parts. Here, however, you should be careful and choose only those tested and recommended by other drivers. Lower-quality components can not only make our fault return very quickly, generating further expenses that we do not want. A serious breakdown that occurs on the road while driving can result in a dangerous accident.

In conclusion, car parts can be very expensive for us. However, every driver should take this into account when deciding to buy a first car. Regular inspections and replacement of worn parts is a natural car maintenance process. Depending on the year of our car, the type of fault and our financial capabilities, we can choose from original, new and used car parts, as well as cheaper substitutes. Our choice should always be justified primarily by the safety of our vehicle.


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