Co trzeba wiedzieć o chemii budowlanej?

What do you need to know about construction chemicals?

What do you need to know about construction chemicals? Although construction chemistry is not a difficult-sounding term, for most people this concept sounds quite enigmatic. Not all of us know what lies beneath it. We usually have a rather vague idea about construction chemistry. Thanks to reading this article, you will learn what exactly is hidden under the term “construction chemistry”. You will also learn about its categories and tips on what to look for when choosing construction chemicals. 

Construction chemistry – basic information. 

As already mentioned above, construction chemistry is a concept that hides a lot. It should also be noted that the definition of this concept has undergone multiple transformations over the years. In the past, construction chemicals were defined only as additives used for concrete mixes. We are talking here not only about loose additives, but also about liquid additives. Their primary task was to harden the concrete mass. Nowadays, the concept of construction chemicals also includes various types of construction products such as adhesives, paints and silicones. However, this is not the end, because plasters can also be defined as construction chemicals.

What are the categories of construction chemicals? Well, these are primarily: dry mixes, coating materials and ready-made mixes. Dry mixes include, in particular, masonry and plaster mortars. Dry mixes also include plasters and adhesives. When it comes to coating materials, paints, varnishes, primers and, of course, solvents should be distinguished. What about ready mixes? First of all, linings or silicones should be specified in this category.

Also know the types of adhesives

The term construction chemicals also includes adhesives, as was mentioned above. There is no one universal type of glue. First of all, the adhesives intended for the installation of panels should be distinguished, but we must not forget about joint adhesives. Adhesives of this type are characterized by extremely high resistance to various types of mechanical damage. Too much moisture won’t hurt either. It is also worth mentioning the adhesives intended for fixing carpets. First of all, acrylic adhesives should be specified in this category. What are they characterized by? Well, they are primarily intended for flexible materials.

Linoleum adhesives, which have slightly different properties, are also available in construction supply stores. Under the term construction chemicals there are also parquet adhesives. Among them, the following deserve special mention: rubber adhesives, acrylic adhesives or dispersion adhesives. Of course, you must not forget about wallpaper adhesives. They are also classified as construction chemicals. It is impossible not to mention adhesives for PVC and adhesives for various types of minor repairs. They can be extremely useful in everyday life. It is not uncommon for one particular type of adhesive to be used in several different situations. If we do not know what glue we will need, it is worth asking an experienced customer advisor in a construction store for help.

What to consider when choosing construction chemicals?

As already mentioned above, construction chemistry is a very broad concept. Regardless of whether we are doing a renovation or have a minor fault to repair, we may need several products included in construction chemicals. So what should you keep in mind when choosing it? First of all, it is worth remembering that construction chemicals can be found in many stores, both online and stationary. Before we decide to buy a specific product or products, it would be good to review at least a few, and preferably a dozen or so different offers. Thanks to this, we will be able to choose the best offer both in terms of price and quality.

It would also be great to read customer reviews of individual DIY stores. The greater the number of positive opinions about a given store, the more likely it is that we will be able to purchase a high-quality product. Let’s avoid shopping in places that have a lot of negative reviews. You should also always follow all the instructions on the packaging of individual products.

Let us remember that some of them can be very dangerous if we use them contrary to their intended purpose. All adhesives and other specifics should be strictly protected from children, especially small ones. Swallowing any substance could end tragically for the child. If we do not know how to use a specific product, we can always ask for help from an experienced specialist. Solitary action will only be advisable if we really know what we’re doing. We should also remember that some products are simply expensive. Looking for cheaper alternatives makes sense, of course, but you have to be aware that you have to pay for high quality.

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