Jak rozpoznać oryginalne żakiety Armani?

How to recognize original Armani jackets?

How to recognize original Armani jackets? Armani jackets are known for their high quality and timeless cuts. But how to distinguish the original product from counterfeits?

Where do fakes come from?

Exclusive fashion is a very lucrative area of ​​business. Branded clothing is neither cheap nor readily available to the average person. Usually you have to spend money on this type of products, and fashion houses have been working for decades to earn their opinion, thanks to which consumers are willing to spend thousands of zlotys on clothes of given brands. No wonder there are counterfeits on the market. Made of cheap materials, sewn in dishonorable conditions, they can brazenly impersonate the products of the original brand. Designer clothes sales can be extremely tempting for us and a great way to complement our wardrobe with a great quality jacket, but how can we be sure that we are buying the original and not a fake?

First, we need to do some research

They say that nothing worthwhile comes easy – and that’s also true when it comes to designer clothes. Exclusive fashion is a luxury commodity, so it is not for everyone. In order to wear branded clothes, we need not only money to buy them, but also time to get to know the history of the brand and at least the most characteristic lines of clothes of a given fashion house.

Let’s take a moment to get acquainted with the Armani series and decide whether we are interested in the extremely expensive and exclusive Black Label line, or will it be enough for us if we buy slightly less luxurious, and thus cheaper clothes from the Emporio Armani series? All Armani jackets will be of exceptional quality, but depending on the line, they will differ not only in the style of the label, but also in the stores where they will be available. Sales of branded clothes will rather concern cheaper series, while truly exclusive fashion revolves around the most expensive ones.

Are you sure it’s a good shop?

Knowing the specific lines is important not only for our well-being, but also because it helps to avoid buying counterfeits. Having precise information about a given series, we know in which stores it will be possible to buy clothes from that series. For example – Armani jackets from the super exclusive Black Label line will not be available in supermarkets, chain stores, or even in ordinary online stores. It is a luxurious exclusive fashion reserved for sale only in Armani boutiques. On the other hand, series such as Emporio or Exchange will be available in completely different stores. To avoid buying counterfeit clothes – you just need to know these things.

Let’s take the time to get to know the typefaces

Do you need to familiarize yourself with the cuts typical of a given fashion house to buy a branded jacket? Of course, it is not necessary, but knowing such information will not hurt. What’s more, such information will simply increase the pleasure of wearing clothes of a given fashion house. We will be aware that we have chosen a given brand not blindly, but based on specific knowledge. This knowledge will additionally allow us to skillfully compose interesting and correct stylizations, and thus protect us from fashion mishaps, which are not so difficult today.
So let’s remember that Armani is a brand based on classic, elegant cuts. These are not clothes that are supposed to shock or attract looks with cheap tricks. We will not find any extravagant forms or flashy, neon colors among Armani jackets. Armani is Italian fashion in its most classic, exclusive form. These are cuts in a carefully designed, traditional fashion.

Let’s pay attention to the logo

For fashion laymen, exclusive fashion may be associated with big, flashy brand names displayed in the most visible places on a given piece of clothing. Nothing more wrong! At least for a classic, elegant brand like Armani. Armani jackets will not scream about themselves with a shoddy placed logo. You will be able to recognize them by the extremely high quality and cut mentioned earlier. If we come across a jacket that screams to us in capital letters that it came from the Armani fashion house – it probably has absolutely nothing to do with this brand. The original clothes of this brand will have the logo rather discreetly applied on the left side or lining.

Remember that you have to pay for quality…

…and there are no exceptions to this rule. The Armani fashion house has been working for its brand, now known all over the world, for a long time. It consists not only of quality and timeless designs, but also careful workmanship and unrivaled fabrics. This means that Armani jackets are not clothes that we will buy for a few hundred zlotys. On the contrary, we usually have to invest much more. A jacket from the exclusive Black Label line can cost us from 3 to 5 thousand zlotys. We will spend about PLN 1,000 even on the cheapest Exchange line. If we find this type of clothes for 100, 300 or even 500 zlotys – we have no reason to delude ourselves. In all likelihood, we are dealing with a counterfeit.

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