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How much does a language school earn?

How much does a language school earn? Often people do not know what the truth is in this topic … Do you dream of your own English language school? What do you have to do to open it? What are the formalities in principle in this regard? Is a language school for adults a lot of start-up expenses? What is offered by educational entities? Is it a profitable business? Find out in the post below.

How to open a language school?

Paradoxically, you do not need to be a philology graduate to run an English course for companies, classes for individuals, etc. So what exactly are the required skills in this regard? In fact, it is worth knowing English (or another foreign language) above all. And the way to this can lead through different paths. Of course, there are people who have their own language schools who are graduates of philology. However, you can have, for example, a course, etc. It is important to have qualifications at a minimum level of C1. Then you can freely conduct language courses for companies, etc. on your own. Of course, these qualifications should be confirmed by something; for example relevant documents.

Of course, the papers themselves are not everything. It is worth having leadership and organizational skills. And starting a language school also requires patience. Needless to say, this is not an easy field at all. You definitely need to find a suitable place. The better the location, the more potential customers. It’s plain and clear. It is best to decide to rent a place in ordinary schools. After all, thanks to this, you will then be able to save on chairs, tables, etc. However, this is not always possible. It would be good if the location was convenient.

In addition, it is worth renting places that will be at our disposal also in the evenings, on Saturdays, etc. After all, then various activities are often held (for example, for adults who, after finishing work, train in this direction). When it comes to setting up a language school, you must, among other things, decide on the appropriate legal form. For example, it can be a sole proprietorship.

What else to pay attention to? This is the optimal form of income taxation. You must also select and enter the PKD codes appropriate for this form of activity. Also look for the right accounting office and set up a company account. You need to compare the available offers to decide on those that will be professional and relatively cheap. After all, for people starting a business, every zloty counts.

What do decent language schools offer?

It is worth noting that there are quite a few options on this plane. A decent school offers, among other things, various language courses. The price list allows potential customers to find out exactly what it costs. It’s worth emphasizing that you have to guarantee people a lot of options. The choice should therefore be not only training for individuals, but also for companies. And they are becoming more and more popular. In this way, the number of people who will be interested in your educational institution will increase.

It is worth making sure that not only English is taught in this school. The more options, the better. There is no denying that the English language school price list is the most popular. However, it is easy to notice that recently more and more Poles are willing to improve their qualifications in terms of such variants as Spanish, German, Italian, French, etc. There are even people who decide to learn quite exotic languages. Remember that language schools that offer individual and group classes are very popular. After all, thanks to this, customers can have more room for maneuver. Some prefer to learn alone with a teacher.

They believe that this form is nevertheless more effective. There are also people who prefer to study in a group. For them, it is a combination of pleasant and useful. It is worth noting that modern language schools are open even on Saturdays. For some students, this is great news! After all, not everyone can afford to study, for example, from Monday to Friday (due to work, home, etc.).

How much can you earn?

Is a language school profitable at all? Its establishment costs from several to even tens of thousands of PLN. What it depends on? Among other things, on the area or location of the rented premises, etc. The larger the area, the better the place, the deeper you need to reach into your wallet. In addition, sometimes you also have to spend money on equipment. How much can you earn? It is difficult to say unequivocally.

However, it cannot be denied that the average revenues range from several hundred PLN to several thousand PLN (in one month). A beginner language school in a poor neighborhood cannot immediately count on “coconuts” on this level. There are market leaders who earn a lot every month. After all, there are now many people interested in such services. Therefore, you definitely need to think about a good location, take care of a wide range and high-quality services.

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