Co nazywamy fotografią?

What do we call photography?

What do we call photography? Photographs are very popular these days. The most frequently used Internet services are based mainly on the fact that new photos are regularly posted there, thanks to which other users can see what is happening with us and where we are.

What exactly is photography? What types of photography can we distinguish? What is family photography characterized by? Can we call newborn photography a new trend? The answers to these questions can be found in the following article, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read.

Photography – what is it?

Before we start any considerations about photography, we should first consider what it actually is. Well, the word “photographing” itself can be defined in many different ways and each of them will be correct. Most often, however, we associate it with saving images of places we currently visit or portraits of people we know very well and want to show their faces or behavior. Most often, photography is understood as capturing landscapes or amazing buildings. Through them, it is also possible to document important events or natural wonders that can delight many people.

Photography is also technical aspects, namely the knowledge of the principles of operation of the camera or lenses. What is worth emphasizing – each of these attempts to define this concept is correct. In dictionaries, photography is considered as drawing, recording with light. Based on this, we can draw attention to the most important factor thanks to which we are able to understand what exactly the aforementioned photograph is. It is extremely important to both find and keep the light in the frame.

What types of photography can we distinguish?

It is worth realizing that we can distinguish many types of photography. In addition, divisions can be based on various factors. The most popular types, however, include the following: portrait, maternity, newborn, female, landscape, sports, macro, fashion, stock, family, lifestyle, wedding, product, culinary, nature, party, street, and architectural photography. Despite everything, this field is undergoing dynamic development, which is why the above-mentioned categories are only one example. We can also divide the photos depending on where they were taken. Then we can distinguish the outdoor, inside the building, a specialized well.

Outdoor photography is characterized by the fact that it is taken outdoors, usually under the open sky. At first, this was the case with sessions in the bosom of nature, including in forests or meadows. Nowadays, urban shots are also common, for example, near outdated factories. Studio photography requires us to have specialized equipment, as well as an interesting place. Then flashes, backgrounds, triggers are used. The photos taken inside are actually a combination of both of the previously mentioned types of photos.

Family photography – what is it characterized by?

Family photos are becoming quite popular. It is true that they are a bit problematic, because it is necessary to convince the whole family. It looks much easier with one person, especially if we don’t have a lot of experience in photography. It is worth mentioning that experts say that it is the most difficult to photograph loved ones. As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that recently family photography has undergone quite a significant division. What we used to understand by this term is now presented in a slightly different way. Family photos are interesting because they can be taken at any time of the year, regardless of weather conditions. This can be done both outside and inside, which is certainly noteworthy.

Newborn photography – a new trend?

Newborn photography is becoming more and more popular, which is usually combined with maternity photography. A woman decides to have a maternity session and wants to be satisfied with it. As a rule, she goes back to the photo studio right after the baby is born. This is a common phenomenon when during a pregnancy session a woman notices many interesting props, as well as used clothes. Professional photographers claim that the most optimal time for newborn photos is up to two weeks after birth.

Then the child is, as specialists define, “plastic”. In practice, this means that posing is much easier, and additionally a newborn sleeps for a relatively long time. When choosing a studio, we should pay attention to the temperature of the room. Babies very often have problems with regulating their body temperature, which is why it is so important. In practice, newborn photos are a fantastic souvenir for parents for life, so it is worth considering such a solution.

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