How to find good employees?

How to find good employees? Entrepreneurs who run their own business face many challenges. Every day, they have to build positive relationships with customers, listen to their needs, meet agreed deadlines, and take care of paying taxes and financial liquidity. These are just some aspects of their work. All this means that they are still under a lot of pressure and often feel the pressure of earning a living for their family. They also often have to hire workers who are paid their wages on time and have to ensure that their rights are respected.

The situation in Polish companies

It turns out that the entrepreneur has many tasks to perform and has a lot of responsibility related to choosing the right people to cooperate with. Perhaps it is sometimes difficult to decide who to choose, and people with high competences and practical skills are not easy to find professionals. They already have their jobs or are often self-employed. Therefore, finding a good employee can be quite a challenge. The truth is that unemployment is very low in our country, and many Poles have gone abroad. Those who feel good in a given industry have started their own business, and the young generation entering the labor market is often full of claims and it is not uncommon that young people do not have enough motivation to work.

It must be admitted that money has always motivated people to work the most, which is why high earnings make them want to work in a given company. A social package and a system of attractive rewards make people more involved in the performance of their duties. The atmosphere at work and the flexible work schedule are also of great importance. Everyone has slightly different needs and approach to work, so it can be difficult to find people who will show initiative, even if we are not able to provide them with a high salary. The solution may then be employees from Ukraine.

Salaries in Poland are satisfactory for employees from Ukraine

A strong determination to work is something that defines them well. This is mainly due to the fact that in their home country they can count on low earnings, which will not even cover the current costs of living. Everything in the shops is very expensive. They often have no job and have to cope differently, so when these foreigners come to our country, they enjoy the work they do. It is not uncommon for them to be much more self-disciplined, they want to complete their tasks well and on time, which is why they are a good solution for many Polish companies that need many hands to work.

It is for these reasons that many business owners decide to hire employees from Ukraine,  even if it involves completing many formalities, a residence permit for such a person and other obligations. Of course, the language barrier is quite strong and not every Ukrainian will find the job he cares about the most. However, they find themselves well in the construction industry, or where it is necessary to help in the kitchen or cleaning.

They can often improve their competences and apply for better positions. If they learn Polish, there are many opportunities for them. Their motivation to work and the fact that in their home country they do not have the comfort of a full-time job make them eager to engage their strength in the tasks that we entrust to them. Of course, you should not generalize, because we can always hit badly, especially if we are not careful and vigilant.

Mutual benefits for owner and employees

Some workers from Ukraine have a big dilemma whether to go alone or with their family. It is often the case that the father and husband come to Poland for a few months to earn a living for the family and then return to their homeland. It also happens that whole families come to Poland to change their lives for the better. It is natural that we all want to have a sense of comfort and security that comes from a permanent place of work and residence.

That is why workers from Ukraine often find asylum in our country and feel much better here. However, there is no doubt that they miss their country, friends and family they left behind, which is why staying in another country is never easy, but it can cause many difficulties, so if we have employees from Ukraine in our company, it is worth showing them support and asking what they need. Living in another country is not pleasant, especially at the beginning, before they get to know a new place and a different culture, a lot of time will pass. That is why it is worth showing empathy and helping others, if only we have such opportunities.

Such an approach will certainly be met with gratitude. And if we employ employees from other countries, we know very well that we can also learn a lot from them. Cultural diversity makes us broaden our horizons and we can stop thinking in stereotypes. Each of us is a different person, and getting to know new personalities enriches our interior, making us experience something new,

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