Ile kosztuje dom opieki seniora?

How much does a senior care home cost?

How much does a senior care home cost? Many families struggle with the problem of caring for the elderly. This applies to grandparents, parents or a spouse who are elderly, sick and unable to function independently. Burdened with many responsibilities, including professional and those related to raising children, we do not always find enough time and strength to additionally take care of a close senior.

Meanwhile, many of the elderly require round-the-clock care, including nursing and medical care. Home care is not always enough. The solution in this situation may be a nursing home for the elderly. However, the main issue is costs. Can everyone afford such a facility? How much does it cost to stay at the resort? It all depends on the type of facility, its location and standard.

State and private retirement home

A retirement home is a facility offering 24-hour care for seniors. Elderly people can use these facilities for temporary or permanent stays. The services provided by the facilities include accommodation, usually in rooms (single, double, triple or quadruple), 24-hour care provided by the center’s staff, nursing and medical care, rehabilitation, physical activities and workshops. The scope of benefits depends on the type of facility. Both state-run facilities, under the responsibility of local social welfare centres, and private facilities are available. The amount of monthly fees for the stay also depends on the type of resort.

Costs of a senior’s stay in a state nursing home

In state-run nursing homes, the fee deducted from the senior’s income cannot exceed 70% of the old-age or disability pension. In the event that the average monthly cost of living for a resident (announced by the president or mayor of the city) exceeds the equivalent of the deduction from his income, the difference should be covered by the family. First, the spouse is taken into account, and then the descendants (children, grandchildren). Such situations are not uncommon, as pension benefits are usually lower than the established cost of living. For example, in 2020, the average monthly cost of living in nursing homes in Warsaw ranged from PLN 5,289.56 to PLN 8,123.47.

Probably in few cases the income from the senior’s pension was able to cover the costs of living. In smaller cities, the situation is slightly better, because the cost of living is lower, e.g. in Katowice they amount to about PLN 4.7 thousand. zloty. Usually, however, 70% of a senior’s income is not enough to cover all costs. In such situations, the center calls the senior’s family to pay the difference. But family members are not always burdened. If their financial situation is difficult, the commune finances the missing part of the costs.

This happens when the income per family member is lower than 300% of the income criterion. For a person running a household alone, this threshold is currently PLN 2,103, and PLN 1,584 for a family member. The amount remaining at the disposal of the person after paying the fee may also not be lower than indicated above. This means that the senior family member will only be required to pay the difference between the exempt amount and the amount of his/her income per person.

An alternative to state nursing homes – private nursing homes

As you can see, the state center for the elderly is not free. On the contrary, the cost of a senior’s stay can be considerable and burden not only the resident, but also his family. In addition, it should be mentioned that obtaining a place in a state nursing home is preceded by a qualifying procedure, under which it is necessary to provide, among others, medical documentation and a certificate from a family doctor about the necessary permanent care for a senior.

In addition, an environmental interview is carried out to verify whether a place in the Nursing Home is due. Even if the qualifying procedure is successful, there is usually a long wait for a place. This may take from a few to several months. An alternative to state nursing homes are private nursing homes, which often exceed the standard of public facilities. In addition, most of them are immediately available.

Costs of an elderly person’s stay in a private care home

There is a perception that the cost of staying in a private care home is high. The spreads between the rates are actually quite significant. It’s hard to find a house for less than $3,500. zlotys per month. The price depends on the location of the facility, range of services, length of stay and type of accommodation. The most expensive are facilities located in attractive areas of large cities. High prices must be taken into account in Warsaw and in the cities of the western wall (eg in Szczecin and Zielona Góra). The duration of the senior’s stay is also significant.

Long-term stays (over 6 months) are more financially advantageous than short-term stays. The type of accommodation also affects the amount of the monthly fee. Staying in multi-person rooms is cheaper than in single rooms. Fees are also set based on the standard of service. Many private centers offer seniors rehabilitation and therapeutic treatments, or the possibility of using the wellness center included in the price of their stay. The fees in such institutions are high. In the case of centers of the highest standard and with a wide range of care services, monthly prices may even exceed PLN 10,000. zlotys.

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