How, with what and when to wear silver jewelry?

Jak, z czym i kiedy nosić biżuterię srebrną

How, with what and when to wear silver jewelry? Jewelery has always been associated with a symbol of prestige and wealth – especially those made of precious metals. Once worn by both men and women – nowadays it is most often a complement to women’s creations. The most popular materials that are used to make jewels are gold and silver.

What type of beauty and complexion does silver jewelry suit and what features of appearance does it emphasize? What occasions is it suitable for and when should it be avoided? Learn how and where to wear silver necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets.

Complexion and color temperature

Human skin can take many shades. The dominant color determines what kind of colors go with our complexion – enhancing it and creating a coherent styling. To determine whether silver or gold jewelry suits you better, you should hold two samples of these materials to your face at the same time. Picking out which one will be suitable for us should not be a problem. If our face looks better in combination with silver – cold colors, such as gray, white, blue or white, are intended for us.

The opposite will be true for gold. Of course, it may happen that our complexion is universal and will look equally good in both variants – this opens up many possibilities for us when it comes to creating stylizations.

If the metal that suits our face was silver – we should base our stylizations on cooler colors. These will be white, gray and blue – but we can also use matte shades of other colors, such as green or even pink. In turn, silver jewelry itself is very versatile when it comes to the possibility of putting it on for a given occasion. It is not as flashy as gold and properly constructed can be both an expression of modesty and extravagance.

When choosing specific accessories, we must consider which features of our beauty they will emphasize. If you want to attract attention to your face and emphasize its features – for example during an official speech – we should choose earrings, preferably simple, without jewels or intricate decorations on the surface of the material. However, in the case of a wedding ceremony and reception – as a witness, and especially as a bride – we can afford earrings with sapphires (an unusual shade of blue goes perfectly with silver) or emeralds.

The occasion for which we can put on a richly decorated silver necklace is various types of balls and sumptuous events where elegance is the basis of the dress code, but a woman can bring out a bit of sex appeal. Silver jewelry, placed around the neck – allows you to achieve this effect in perfect balance. The necklace enhances the neck and cleavage, perfectly emphasizing the grace and subtlety of the woman who wears it.

Precious stones, on this type of occasions, will also be welcome – because at a lavish ball there can be no “too distinguished” styling. You can also wear a silver necklace on a date or dinner in a restaurant without fear – here, however, try not to overdo it with lavishness, because excessively decorated jewelry may be considered too flashy. A silver chain or a celebrity should suffice.

Universal silver jewelry

If we are not sure what type of jewelry we should wear for a given occasion or we care about universality, because we are going on a journey – the best choice will be hand decorations. Silver rings and bracelets are among the most universal jewels. In no situation will they seem too controversial or too modest. They are perfect for emphasizing the hands and forearms – so we can put them on for creations that leave these parts of the body exposed.

The bracelet is perfect for both business meetings and official presentations, as well as a casual city trip with friends. We can wear silver jewelry on our hands every day – unless we work physically, because then we will be forced to take it off and put it on again. We must also remember to be careful – because silver does not react well to contact with water and is quite soft. Bracelets and rings, in turn, are the types of jewelry most susceptible to damage, due to the fact that we wear them on our hands – the most active part of the body.

How to really wear jewelry?

Wearing silver jewelry is not only the ability to match it to the outfit and circumstances. Any jewels put on the hands, neck or ears are only meant to emphasize the grace and class of the woman who wears them. So if we want them to do their job, we need to feel good. A woman who is confident in herself and her appearance looks the most beautiful. Grace, grace and subtlety – these are the features that are the most perfect decoration for every woman. Beauty lies in the smallest details, such as facial expressions, posture or the way of moving. Compared to them, silver and any other jewelry is only of secondary importance.

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