Jak zatrudnić pracownika z Azji?

How to hire an employee from Asia?

How to hire an employee from Asia? Recently, an increasing number of Asians have decided to work in Poland. This is because Polish earnings, contrary to appearances, seem to be very attractive for people working in that country.

How is the recruitment process for employees from Asia? What are the employer’s requirements? How to effectively create a job offer for candidates from Asia? What to look for when onboarding employees from Asia? The answers to these questions can be found in the following article, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read.

How is the recruitment process for employees from Asia?

Permanent staff is of great importance in large enterprises. Entrepreneurs from Poland are increasingly choosing employees from the Far East. Most often, Filipinos are employed, who turned out to be great candidates for the development of companies located in our country. It is not without reason that Asian employees are so appreciated from different angles. First of all, these are educated people who not only can work for us for relatively low money, but also have a profession in their hands, which is of key importance nowadays.

The salary offered by Poles to Filipinos is really high, taking into account the local prices and economic situation. At this point, it is worth mentioning that hiring employees from the Philippines, Bangladesh or other Asian countries means that there is no possibility to apply a simplified procedure. It looks completely different in the case of Ukrainians, which is worth bearing in mind.

This means that if we are interested in hiring an employee from Asia, then it will not be possible without a work permit from the voivodship office. It is also important to send the permit to the foreigner. Then we book a date at the Polish consulate to be able to apply for a visa. It is almost the same with travel insurance.

What are the employer’s requirements?

We already know what the process of hiring an employee from Asia looks like. It is now worth finding out a little more about what requirements lie on the employer’s side. First of all, the most important thing is to meet all standards. The duration of the contract should be at least one year, but preferably two years. It is important to remember about the need to provide decent accommodation for Asians. We need to take care of health insurance in connection with the work we do.

Employees from East Asia are distinguished by the fact that they are perfectly prepared for physical work. However, this does not change the fact that they are distinguished by above-average commitment to their work. By employing them for our company, we can count on stabilization – this is especially important in companies that are processing and production. This is especially useful when an increasing number of Poles decide to go abroad.

How to effectively create a job offer for candidates from Asia?

If for some reason we do not want to choose the easiest solution in the form of an employment office for Asians, then we will be forced to create a job offer for candidates on our own. Contrary to appearances, this is not the easiest activity and, what is worth emphasizing, it often turns out to be problematic. The key to successful international recruitment is proper communication. That is why it is so important to carefully create a job offer. It is worth making sure and checking whether it is understood in the same way at the destination.

In another culture, our words on a piece of paper can evoke mixed feelings – these types of incidents should be avoided. Misunderstandings that result from errors in language and presentation of required skills or working and living conditions may render our job offer useless. As a consequence, no Asian will choose to work for our company, and we would certainly prefer to avoid that.

What to look for when onboarding employees from Asia?

Once we manage to hire experienced and hard-working Asians, we need to properly put them to work. In the first place, we should focus on issuing fairly clear, yet simple commands. It is also worth checking the quality of work frequently. As employers, we must show respect for an employee’s religious practices or traditions. Let’s communicate in a broad context.

Don’t be afraid to avoid contact with Asians because of language barriers – you should break them or hire specialists in this field. Let’s pay attention to “save face” in all situations. Let’s show respect to the elderly while learning how to perform tasks in a new job. At the same time, let’s regularly correct mistakes – the good of the company is the most important thing. Let’s make sure that the remuneration is in line with the contract. Let’s take into account the timeliness – it reflects well on the employer.

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